About Us

We Are Your Favourite Store.

Livewell Supplements was founded by Steven Smaridge, owner of one of the fastest-growing lifestyle coaching companies nationwide. One aspect of lifestyle coaching encompasses a delicate balancing process, which requires a well-rounded nutrition and supplement program. 


After years of recommending supplements from other companies, without knowing their sources, or process of fermentation to ensure the highest chance of bioavailability. Steven had enough, and he needed to know the exact process that goes into developing the supplements he recommends to his clients. 


To add to this, what was worse was that Steven would recommend products to his clients, his clients would then go to their local supplement store, where a pushy commission-driven salesperson would feed them lies about how they needed the latest multivitamin that did nothing for their health but lined the pockets of the salesperson. 


Fed up with this process, including lackluster development processes,an abundance of filler ingredients, and poor mannered salespeople; Livewell Supplements was born. Sourcing from organic ingredients whenever possible, ensuring to only use GMP certified factories and whom maintain their certification, as well as using a prescriptive model to ensure the client only receives what the client’s wellness needs.  

It is a strong belief of Steven Smaridge that people’s supplement needs should be managed by their Health Coach, Functional Medicine Doctor, or Nutritionist. A leader who understands their imbalances and wellness goals and can prescribe to it.